The Quail Golf Course at the Okanagan Golf Club - Kelowna BC Canada

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The Quail Golf Course is a very well respected course by locals, international players & tourists. Featuring tons of elevation changes and fantastic views as you meander through ponderosa pines near the crest of the hills at Quail Ridge Resort.  Arguably the best course in the entire Okanagan Valley.

Well placed tee shots on the front nine will end up being rewarded on the approach shots.  Be decisive off the tee, going for that little extra off the tee will often result in a wayward shot and put you in a difficult position to scramble resulting in in high scores. The back nine is easier than the front so have comfort in knowing you will have a chance to redeem your score as your round progresses. Enjoy that you rarely get a course where you cant see any other hole other than the one your playing. "The Quail" also has an open "Links" area for a few holes where the wind can really affect play. A tasteful & pleasant change to tree lined fairways.

Keep an eye out for rare birds that nest & play in the ponds nearby.  Number 17 often has huge Ravens perched on the tops of the highest Ponderosa Pines that have wing spans up to 8' !!

Make sure you take time to enjoy the famous signature 18th hole. A spectacular setting for your approach shot over El's Lake to the elevated 2 tier green, take an extra club as its uphill. Motorists often stop and peek through the trees to watch players hit their 2nd shot.

If your an early bird you will often be rewarded with sightings of Quail's gathering for a family outing. Rare to see these birds in the afternoon.

Finish up your round with a beverage in the lounge or on the outdoor deck overlooking the Bear 18th and driving range. The Players Lounge has a large screen TV where you can keep up on the latest scores.

On course accommodations are available at the Borgata Lodge. Give us a ring if you would like to book a suite for your group or need a Kelowna Vacation Rental or Golf Vacation Package.

This course becomes more enjoyable each and every time you play it !

 Photo Gallery

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Quail 1st Tee

Quail 1st Approach

2nd Tee Par 5

2nd Fairway Par 5

3rd Approach

3rd Green looking back at the fairway

4th Tee Par 3

5th Fairway

5th Green

6th from Ladies Tee

6th Fairway

7th Tee Par 3

8th From Fairway Bunker

8th Approach

9th from Ladies Tee

9th From Right Rough

9th Approach

10th Tee

10th Green

11th Tee Par 3

12th Par 5

13th Tee

13th Approach

14th Tee

14th Approach

15th Green

16th Tee

16th Fairway Bunker

17th Tee

17th Green

18th Ladies Tee

18th From Fairway

Borgata Lodge from Quail 18th

Canada's own Les Furber designed the course. Les is a world class designer and is well recognized in the golf design business. He did an excellent job of working with the land to make the course a well fit layout in working with the natural terrain.


How to play the Quail Front Nine

Hole 1 on The Quail Course at the Okanagan Golf Club

This opening hole requires an accurately placed fairway wood or long iron off the tee which will leave you with a short iron approach to a narrow green. Calculate your distance off the tee carefully and don't get too close as you will have a downhill lie. Best to be around 90-110 yds from the green. Approach shots will bounce left. Try to stay below the hole.

Hole 2

A majestic & beautiful par 5, enjoy the stunning view from the tee & let it fly off this super elevated tee box. The straightaway par 5 is only reachable by the longer hitters. The green is two-tiered so be certain to get the ball on the right level with your approach. Enjoy the view !

Hole 3

Distance control off the tee is important here. The sharp dogleg left requires a semi accurate long iron or fairway wood off the tee. Aim at the tree. Shots right of the tree are only 120 yards out.  Try to stay below the hole with your approach as putts from above the hole are hard to judge the speed. This is typically a very fast green.

Hole 4

An inviting downhill par 3 plays one or even 2 clubs shorter than it measures depending on wind conditions. Left side of the green can offer a "members bounce" back towards the green. Right side of green is well protected by bunkers. This green can be hard to read, what may look to be a left to right break from the left side towards the right can surprisingly be a right to left break.

Hole 5

A very challenging short par 4 requires a well placed tee shot. Going left is Jail.  Calculate that you want to be 110 - 140 yards out. The green has a swale  running across the middle which can make it difficult to see the bottom of the pin.  Your approach shot is down hill so adjust accordingly. An approach shot going left of the green will result in a high score.

Hole 6

Enjoy your choice of 2 fairways off the tee of this spectacular elevated par 5. The fairway on the left gives a long ball hitter the opportunity to go for the green on the second shot. The smart play however is to play to the right fairway 30 yards short of the fairway bunker. Your lay up shot to about 100- 110 id ideal for an aggressive 3rd shot.  Very rare to see this green hit in 2 because even a well placed tee ball requires a very hi fading shot from a downhill lie over towering trees to reach the green.  Many a golfer will take make a double here by being overly aggressive.

Hole 7

The most difficult par 3 on the course. Requires a high-flying, soft-landing long iron or even fairway wood. Left of the green results in double bogey or worse. Balls hit to the right of the green usually get a favorable bounce towards the green.

Hole 8

On the tee double check your yardage to the fairway bunkers. Stay left of the bunkers as you will get blocked out by large tree on the edge of the fairway. A perfect tee shot starts right center and works from right to left.  Your second shot is quite downhill & will play 15yds less. The green is fast. Try to land on the left front of the green as almost all shots seem to release to the back right part of this green.

Hole 9

Get out the driver for this long par 4. It's a fairly generous driving hole. If you fade the ball you will love this hole, if you draw the ball be careful of the large tree on the right.  Your second shot will be a challenge as you head uphill to a 2 level green. Take an extra club on the approach. The upper tier is quite thin and will require accuracy if you try to place a ball on this level.


How to play the Quail Course Back Nine

Hole 10 on The Quail Course at the Okanagan Golf Club

This severely uphill par 4 requires a long tee ball up the left side. Don't let the yardage fool you, the uphill will require 20-30 yds more to reach the landing area on top. Any tee shots to the right will be blocked out by the large trees if not past the corner. Once again, take an extra club on the uphill approach shot. Stop by for a beverage or get a sandwich or hot dog at the Snack Bar.

Hole 11

The shortest par 3 on the course plays even shorter down a gradual slope. A good birdie opportunity. Be careful of the swale in the back left corner of this green.

Hole 12

This is one of the best and most fun holes in golf. A very scenic & reachable par 5 requires a good tee shot that will bounce left to right in the fairway, so favor the left-hand side. A good tee shot will leave a fairway wood or long to medium iron down the hill to a receptive green. Take one club less on your approach shot and avoid going over the green. Many a birdie and the odd eagle happens on #12

Hole 13

On this classic Quail Course par 4, you'll need accuracy off the tee with a long iron or fairway wood followed by a mid iron approach to a peninsula green.  Watch out for the false front and collection area on the front right of this green. Play 1/2 to one club less on your approach.

Hole 14

This unique par 4 offers you a choice of direction off the tee. The easiest way to play the hole is a mid to long iron over the waste bunker followed by a short iron second shot over the marsh and pond to the fully front bunkered green. Should you chose to play to the left and can place your tee shot in the fairway you will not have to hit over the water however the tee shot is considerably longer and more difficult. If the wind is behind the long hitter may actually go for this green off the tee.

Hole 15

This long par 3 can be difficult due to the wind which usually puts you into the wind. If you are into the wind make sure you take enough club to carry the front bunker. The green is quite receptive but has a large ridge that divides the left from the right.

Hole 16

 A driver is usually required on this long par 4.  A tee shot down the right side of the fairway can shorten the second shot considerably, but make sure you can carry the large fairway bunker. If into the wind shots will often end up short as the wind is hard to gauge, take an extra club going in.

Hole 17

This is a fantastic par 5. Difficult yet it has a generous landing area off the tee & offers a choice of fairways for the second shot.  You will have to navigate around a huge Pine tree located in the center of the fairway. Your 3rd shot is dramatically uphill to a blind elevated green so take at least one extra club. Long hitters can reach in 2 if they can place a very long ball down the right side of the fairway then you will have to hit a high fade to reach this green while skirting the stand of ponderosa pines on the right side. Try to stay below the hole on this green as putting downhill can be very difficult to judge the speed.

Hole 18 on The Quail Course at the Okanagan Golf Club

This is possibly the best hole in the entire Okanagan Valley. The signature & famous hole of the Quail Course.  A super pretty hole with water to avoid at all costs. The tee shot requires distance control. Be careful not to drive through this fairway.  Tee shots placed near the 150 post are ideal. Longer off the tee doesn't help. Enjoy the stunning view as you prepare for a quite intimidating second shot over Els' Lake. Take an extra club as its uphill. Matches are often decided by the results of your second shot.  Enjoy a beverage in the players lounge after your round and re live the experience ! Enjoy a water reflected view of the Borgata Lodge as you stroll down the 18th fairway approaching the green.


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