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What does SPCA stand for? The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

What does the SPCA do?
* Investigates complaints of cruelty, such as the physical abuse, starvation, and improper treatment of animals;
* Shelters homeless and unwanted animals and tries to find them new homes;
* Accepts and treats injured and stray animals;
* In some of the Branch shelters, the SPCA does animal control for the municipality.

What kind of animals can I adopt from the SPCA?
We will provide services for any animal that requires attention because of injury, sickness, cruelty, neglect, abandonment, etc. At our shelter we have a wide range of animals for adoption, including cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, birds, hamsters, and ferrets.

Why do you charge for adoptions rather than give animals away for free? Wouldn't this allow more animals to be adopted?
Adoption fees help offset the cost of feeding and sheltering the animals. In addition, our adoption fees include the cost of spaying or neutering each adopted pet.

Why do you pick up stray animals?
In those areas where the SPCA has an animal-control contract, we are enforcing municipal bylaws. In all areas we pick up or take in strays that would otherwise turn into nuisance animals or be injured. Nuisance animals often face being poisoned, shot, or physically abused by angry residents. They also face starvation, the possibility of being hit by a car, and disease.

Why do you put down animals?
We adopt as many as we can, but some animals may be unsuitable for adoption through illness, unstable temperament, and not being safe with humans and other animals. The SPCA urges pet owners to spay and neuter their pets so that there will not be an overpopulation of unwanted animals in our communities.

If an animal must be put down, what form of euthanasia is used?
In almost all cases the method used is by injection of a lethal dose of barbiturate. Animals are then cremated.

Does the SPCA release animals for research purposes?
DEFINITELY NOT! The only animals that leave the SPCA other than for adoption into private homes are those used for training as police dogs or as assistance dogs for people with handicaps.

Why should I license my dog?
Because you are required to do so by municipal bylaws. If your dog is not licensed you will have to pay a fine. Because it provides the pet with an ID. Should your pet be lost, it provides the finder with a way to trace the owner. As a responsible pet owner you MUST ensure your pet have ID - e.g. your current phone number on the collar, as well as a form of permanent ID such as a tattoo.

Why should I spay or neuter my pet?
There are too many animals for the number of responsible, loving, permanent homes. Yet more are born every day. Many of these homeless animals suffer and die in the streets from cold, starvation, disease, poisoning, and cruelty. Most of these victims are the offspring of family pets or abandoned pets, particularly cats. Dogs and cats reach sexual maturity at about six months, and can reproduce at an alarming rate. Also, a spayed or neutered animal has a greater chance of staying in good health and enjoying a long life. Spaying and neutering eliminates distress, distraction, and discomfort associated with the sex drive. Neutered and spayed pets are usually calmer and more content to stay at home with their human families. If you have more than one pet in the household, your pets will likely get along with each other much better if they are all spayed and neutered.

What is the SPCA's policy with regards to the declawing of cats, and the debarking , taildocking, and ear cropping of dogs?
The SPCA does not condone such practices - they are contrary to our policy. Declawing, for example, renders a cat defenseless with other cats unless it is kept strictly indoors. Clipping claws and providing a clawing post is best.



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As a not-for-profit charity, the Kelowna SPCA relies on the generosity of donors to provide funds for food, shelter and medical treatment for the lost, abused, and abandoned animals we receive in our shelter each year. There are a wide variety of much-appreciated ways you can help our animals.

Newsletters are sent several times a year to raise awareness and funds for the animals. To get on our mailing list, please call 861-7722.

The Annual Wiggle Waggle Walk is held every year, usually in September. The Walkathon is not only fun for you, your family, friends, and your pets, it also helps raise community awareness, informs and educates the public of SPCA work and raises much needed funds for vital services. Look for pledge forms in August. Planning for this event begins early every year, so to get involved, please call 861-7722. More...

SPCA MasterCard Affinity is a special credit card that gives the SPCA special benefits when it is used. This program is sponsored 100% by the Bank of Montreal MasterCard Affinity Program. For more information or to receive an application, please call 604 681-7271.

Donate your Hudsonís Bay Company and Zellers points or your Canadian Tire money to the Kelowna SPCA.
In communities with these stores, our branches are able to purchase shelter supplies ó in fact, most SPCA branches have computers thanks to the HBC Rewards Program. Here is how it works: you just drop off or mail your Canadian Tire money to our local branch. Donating HBC points is just as easy. You provide the branchís number at the time you make your purchase and the points accumulate locally for the SPCA.
----Kelowna Branch's HBC Rewards / Club Z Number is: 867 030 793

SPCA Donation Tins are located all over the Okanagan at many retail outlets and offices. Why not drop your spare change in the next time you see one?

Donations of used saleable goods to the SPCA helps raise funds at our SPCA Auxiliary Luncheons/White Elephant Sales (see Events and Programs for dates). Good used merchandise can also be dropped off at the Shelter between 11:00am and 4:00pm daily.

Membership; Lifetime, Family or Individual in the SPCA. Thank you to all our members, old and new, who sponsor the SPCA. Without your membership support we could not continue to speak for those who cannot speak themselves. More...

Volunteer - The work of the Kelowna SPCA would not be possible without the valuable contribution of our dedicated and compassionate volunteers. More...

Of course, donations of food, bedding, blankets, toys and other pet needs are always welcome at the Shelter.


Rescue and Cruelty Investigation

Cruelty laws were first passed in Canada in 1822 in Nova Scotia, and in 1870 an anti-cruelty section was added to the Criminal Code of Canada. Today, anti-cruelty and animal welfare laws are contained not only in the Criminal Code and various Federal Statutes, but also in the BC Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act, and the bylaws of many municipalities.

For the purposes of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act,
an animal is considered to be in distress if it is:

1. Deprived of adequate food, water, or shelter
2. Injured, sick, in pain or suffering
3. Abused or neglected


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