Eldorado Hotel Kelowna History and New Beginnings.

Today, The Hotel Eldorado is turning another exciting page in its storied history.  Paying homage to the origins of the Hotel Eldorado,
they are spreading their arms with the new Eldorado Arms Guestrooms and Suites wing.   The six luxury suites, thirty new guestrooms, indoor swimming pool, hot-tub and steam room that are housed in the new Eldorado Arms wing of the hotel have  been designed with the same notion of casual elegance that the Countess used when she created the original Eldorado Arms.

We’re pretty sure that the Countess would approve of how we’ve grown and furthered the legacy of the Eldorado as a destination for people from all over the world.  We sincerely hope you approve and enjoy all that the Eldorado and our beautiful valley have to offer.  It isn’t hard to imagine European royalty falling in love with our magical place  -  we sincerely hope you and yours do too!

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The Original Eldorado Hotel was moved via barge to its new location. Keeping up with modern times and maintaining the passion to keep the hotel and its history together the community much appreciates the new facility.  Countless memories are brought forward, it was the place to go in Kelowna  for a lakeside cocktail or a fine dining night out.


The Hotel Eldorado HISTORY 

The Hotel Eldorado’s history reads like a fairytale, complete with royalty and adventure.  The Hotel Eldorado’s origins trace back to the Countess Bubna Litite of Austria.  The Countess erected the Eldorado Arms Inn in 1926 on a property located three miles south of our current location.  The Countess wanted to create a place where her weary European visitors could relax and indulge in some of the luxuries they had grown accustomed to in the homeland. 

The original hotel had twelve rooms, communal lavatories and a luxurious main floor consisting of kitchen, dining lobby and office.  At first the Eldorado catered mainly to the local ranch hands and cowboys from the nearby Eldorado Ranch.  Over the years, the Countess improved the property, adding many outbuildings featuring screened verandas that overlooked a meandering brook.  The large and elegant grounds became home to lavish garden parties that helped put Kelowna on the map internationally.  Over time, the Eldorado became far less of a farmhouse and more of a hotel, attracting guests from all over Europe and North America.  Even then, the Eldorado was recognized as a quality establishment offering fabulous food, beverage and accommodation.

The mystique and legacy of the Eldorado was furthered throughout the nineteen fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties by then owner and former Kelowna Mayor, John Hindle.  During this period, the Eldorado’s reputation as a premier lakefront property was enhanced and the hotel became firmly entrenched as an Okanagan institution.    A series of different owners, each with different ideas for the Eldorado Arms and the land upon which the hotel sat, occupied the Eldorado throughout the mid to late nineteen eighties.  In nineteen eighty-nine, current owner, Jim Nixon, saved the Eldorado Arms from demolition and ambitiously moved the hotel up the lake by barge to its present location.  Shortly after coming ashore, arson struck and completely burned the original building to the ground.  After a short period of mourning, Jim undauntedly set out to rebuild Kelowna’s oldest hotel.  With help from the original foundation, the new building became a near replica of the old Arms.  Carpenters meticulously built the “El” the way they would have built the project originally, paying attention to detail and using plenty of wood.  The new building opened one year later on St. Patrick’s Day, 1990. 

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